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Welcome to the CCA Register help file for users that are not logged on to the secure site. Here you can find information on how to log on to the system and how to reset your log on credentials. Guidance on the CCA scheme can be found on the CCA Guidance page of the Environment Agency website.

The CCA Register is the on-line portal used for the management and administration of the CCA scheme. Once you are logged on you will be able to view details of and, depending on your role within the system, manage your CCA data. It is a secure environment protected by the application of passwords and personal identification numbers (PIN). From time to time, you may be required to change your CCA Register password and PIN, usually when prompted by the system.

Log On

In order to log on to the CCA Register you will need your log on credentials (i.e. username, password and PIN), as shown in the Welcome panel on the public homepage.

You will first need to enter your Username and Password and click Login, and you will then be prompted to enter three digits of your six-digit PIN code. Once you have successfully logged on, your homepage will be displayed.

If you enter invalid log on credentials more than three times in succession, your account will be locked. In this case you will need to unlock your account by changing your password, which can be done through the “Reset Forgotten Password” function.

If you have forgotten your password or PIN, you can reset these details through the “Reset Forgotten Password” function.

Reset Forgotten Password

If you forget your password or PIN, you can reset these details yourself. On the Log On page, use the “Recover Forgotten Password” button; you will be prompted to enter your username and then use the “Send Password Recovery Email” button. The system will send an email to the email address specified in your user account within the CCA Register. This email will contain a link to the Set Password and PIN page. Use this link to open the Set Password and PIN page, where you can enter your new password and PIN. You must reset your password within 24 hours of receiving the email, otherwise the link becomes invalid.

Note that if you send more than one password recovery email to the same email address only the link in the most recent email will be valid.

CCA passwords must:

  • contain lower-case, alphabetic characters only
  • comprise exactly nine characters arranged as:
  • consonant vowel consonant consonant vowel consonant consonant vowel consonant
  • contain a particular consonant vowel consonant triplet once only (e.g. bacdefhij , not bacdefbac)
  • have no spaces between characters.

CCA PIN codes must:

  • comprise exactly six digits
  • contain at least four different digits
  • not include a series of six consecutive numbers (e.g. 345678).